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This site is designed to give you information to help you plan a holiday in the Swiss Alps. It’s run by people who are enthusiastic about the area, some of whom have moved to live locally because they couldn’t get enough of the area. For that reason, our love of Switzerland and the Alps in particular is a personal, not commercial one, and we can’t guarantee that all your information is relevant to all travelers, or that our information is exhaustive. We’re enthusiasts who just want to share the country and landscape we love, not experts in any way!

That said, if there are any problems, you should get in contact with our webmaster.
We can improve the site based on feedback, so if you have any particularly good tips or you find that something we’ve told you is out of date, you should definitely get in contact to let us know. We want this site to be the best possible advertisement for the Alps and the beauty of the local area.Also, if you’re a photographer, professional or amateur, we’d love to see your holiday pictures! You can email them to us or post them with the hashtag #SwissAlppics on twitter. The best ones may even get featured on the website (with credit, of course).

We would like to thank the local Swiss companies for contributing to the sunnmorealps.com organization. In no particular order – thank you!:

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