If you are new in Switzerland and visiting the Alps for the first time, your mind must be filled with so many questions. That’s why we have provided the top frequently asked questions about visiting the Swiss Alps.

Switzerland is cold but it’s not too cold that you won’t be able to go out and enjoy its beauty. You can come here any season like others who are coming and going regardless of the time and season. But you better pack your clothes wisely if you are from the east part of the world.

The Alps have moderate temperatures. There is no excessive heat or cold. This makes it a great tourism place in Switzerland. Even in winter, you can still go out and enjoy the view.

With 4,634 meters height, Dufourspitze is the highest mountain of the Alps. There are also mountains with almost the same height and they add to the beauty of the Alps.

There are beautiful rivers present in the Swiss Alps. Rhône, Rhine, and Inn are the rivers situated on the north side of the Alps while  Ticino (Po basin) is present in the south. They flow to different seas and are very beautiful with their crystal clear water.

Due to hotter temperatures, the glaciers of the Swiss Alps has started to melt. The melting of it may bring new lakes but it has also become a problem for the locals.

Valais, Bernese Oberland, and Graubünden are the places you’d like to visit for skiing. In winter, they are covered with a lot of snow which gives an opportunity for adventure-seeking people to enjoy the beauty while skiing.

It will be best if you wore clothing with multiple thinner layers. It will allow you to easily put on more clothes or remove them according to the situation you are in. It also depends on which season you are visiting the Swiss Alps.

Public transportation would be the best choice for going to the Swiss Alps. Some areas of the place are no-car zone and that’s why bringing a car is not the best idea. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Switzerland while riding public transportation and you can move around by train.  

If you are traveling with an agency, they will take care of it. Otherwise, we would recommend buying food from the supermarket. Meats can be pretty expensive here so you might as well go vegan for some days.

Subalpine zone is a climate zone that is specified for the areas under trees. It is the warmest climate zone in the Alps compared to the other two cooler temperature zones. The other two climate zones are the Alpine zone and the Glacial zone.

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